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    Ansett Knitwear

    Melbourne-based Ansett Knitwear provides Les Lees with a vast range of light to heavy gauge knitwear in numerous styles, texture and colour. Ansett knitwear performs in terms of durability and look.

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    Lothlorian Knitwear

    New Zealand-made Possum fibre is the newest rare natural fibre in the world. It is one of the softest fibres that nature produces, yet it has amazing wearing characteristics. Possum fibre is hollow, so the garments are very light but extremely warm. Les Lees stock a variety of Lothlorian luxury Possum/Merino jumpers.

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    Harrison & Miller

    Harrison & Miller jumpers are made in Australia from pure Merino wool and carry the ‘Woolmark’ which is only available to companies whose products meet strict performance standards. The premium quality wool fibre produces a garment with a naturally finer feel for next to skin comfort, softness and supreme luxury.

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    RM Williams

    RM Williams proudly supports the Australian wool industry by using Australian Merino wool in their garments. In 1932, ‘RM’ started to design footwear, clothing and leather accessories and his legacy is continued today with purposefully designed clothing that passes the outback test. Les Lees stocks a range of RM Williams jumpers.

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